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Warning labels are important, Dean.

will Dean stay  a demon, will Sam ever stop whining? Tune in next season!

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Coldplay- Fix You (orchestral). One of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. 


the ending sounds like the finale music for some epic fantasy movie omg



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simply gorgeous!

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Versatile adj. Capable of doing many things competently.

excuse me but you’re missing the best one


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Not Posing Vs Posing

I was inspired by this post ( so I decided to do some quick selfies of my own. The top photos represent me not posing (meaning that I am just relaxing. No model moves going on what-so-ever.) the bottom photos represent a pose that I would do at a shoot. See the difference? In the posing photos I focus on elongating my body, finding a flattering angle and sucking it in. 

Being considered a “full figured” model I feel a lot of pressure to look skinner in my images. I don’t want my rolls to hang out all over the place when I’m doing a shoot. That’s where posing comes in. After doing 200+ shoots I know which angles look good on my body and which don’t. I know which one’s will make me look larger and I know which ones will make me look skinny. There’s a difference between posing and not posing. I think part of the reason why so many people are insecure with their bodies is because they always see the ‘posed’ pictures and think that’s how someone is supposed to look 24/7. It’s not. 

I’m not going to lie, at times I’m still insecure about my body and how it looks. I still look at the “skinny” models and think “Damn, if only my body looked like that I would be booking so much more work.” I don’t like my rolls and extra flab. I had second thoughts on posting this because then my rolls and extra flab would be out there for everyone in the entire world to see - and I didn’t know if I was secure enough to handle that. 

But here goes. 

I’m hoping that someone who feels insecure with their body can see this post and realize that models are just like everyone else. They’re people too and they have rolls and flaws just like everyone else does. And I hope, for myself, that this will help me to become more secure in my own skin. 

(Just as an aside I’ve worked, and continue to work, as a full-time freelance nude model. I get paid to get my picture taken. Sometimes I still can’t even believe it myself. I’ve been modeling now for 5 years.)

P.s. I guess I should also mention that the photos have been taken right off of my laptop camera. No photoshop/lightroom/editing of any kind. 

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Tell me this is not one of the most motivating demotivating posters you’ve ever seen.

Made by Drakevarg


Epic win.
Although the Barbarian one reminds me of the Dark side a lot.


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What About Me? Infographic of my social media use

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Spring is around the corner which means as thanks to you for following me here, as usual—I am giving TWO of you the chance to win a custom portrait made by me, custom-tailored to your heart’s desire. Free, no strings attached.  The rules are simple, but read them so you can win.

What You Get:

A Web-resolution (1100 pixel) custom portrait, tailored to your most bizarre of requests. You can get a very traditional portrait done or as outlandish as you can dream. Zombies, Hipsters, Pirates, Ninjas, Superheroes, Robots, etc. are all fair-game themes in which you can have yourself transmogrified in painted form.

ADDITIONALLY, I’ll be giving 3 runner-ups their choice of a 13”x19” signed velvet archival print. Choices are: Sherlock, Ron Swanson, and Inspector Spacetime.

How to Enter:

FACEBOOK: Simply comment on the following facebook post. You get an extra entry if you click the “share” button and post it to your wall. ( Sam Spratt - Facebook Contest )

TWITTER: Follow!/SamSpratt and tweet the following phrase verbatim on twitter: 

“ Entering to win a custom portrait #painting from @samspratt’s portrait contest! ”  

This also counts as an entry.

TUMBLR: Just reblog/like this post!

How long this will last:

This contest will run until April 6th, 2012. 

You all are the best! Good luck and thanks again to all who follow my little slice of artwork on the web.

NOTE: You must be a follower or subscriber at the time of the win. 

Why all this? Well, you’ve gotta write a big check with quite a few zeros at the end of it to commission art from me—and call me crazy, but I firmly believe that in a perfect world, people *should* get to own art AND do things like “pay rent”, “eat food-like substances on occasion”, and maybe even “continue to live”. Two of you can do that, the rest of you… you’re screwed. Sincerely, <3 Sam 

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